Having a Whale of a time


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The hidden pain of the Blue Whale.

My finger tip painting style lends it self well to capturing the whales blue colours, adding a marvellous texture and leaving my mark in every finger stroke I make. I usually paint in a combination of complimenting colours, however here I explored working in a limited palette of blues. The background is an abstract spray paint finish with a orange/red undercoat topped with a bold Yellow to beautifully compliment the colours in the Blue Whale.

While this painting is influenced by the fragility of the Blue Whale, it is inspired by their beautiful spirit in the face of their difficulties. This beautiful creature is listed as endangered after being hunted for close to a century of whaling, leading their population reducing to a mere 0.15% of their original numbers. After nearly being driven to extinction they are increasing now but face a new threat of environmental change including habitat loss and toxics in the sea, once again inflicted my mankind.


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