Flower work

The inspiration for my Flower Burst collection comes from my youth in the Gower Peninsular where I could be found either surfing in waves or immerse in the long grasses around camp fires.  And it’s the similarity of the fluid nature of both the waves and flowing grass in the breeze which imprinted on my memory, and has led me to creating these works.  Sometimes nostalgic is the best inspiration.

I want the viewer to be immersed in flowers and grasses, laying down carefree and transfixed by the energy and beauty which surrounds in nature.  The scene of flora is a life cycle, the scene captures the moment the the flowers and grasses burst to display their full beauty.

When I paint these scenes I imagine the will of the plants wanting to explode into life after a long winter.  Similar to that of a time-lapse video where the flowers seemingly burst into life all at once like a carefully synchronised firework display, and as the plants reach across the sky they erupt into an incredible scene.

For me nature is the original artist and my aim is to capture its life and movement.

Flower Artwork by David Ahern