About David

I’m a landscape and wildlife artist creating vibrant art in a mix of impasto and bright impressionist style. I capture the emotions, mood and character in the colour. Bright, bold and beautiful.

My love for nature and wildlife runs deep, from my earliest memories being around my families horse stables, to exploring and camping in the Welsh fields with friends, to my teenage years which led me to the Gower beaches to surf, its safe to say my roots grew in nature. After graduating in a BA Art and Multimedia degree in Swansea I joined the Police Force in 2006. But my love for the nature drew me to becoming a Wildlife Crime Police Officer where I became an active cog in conservation of fauna and flora. After leaving the Police due to an injury I now channel my passion in my art. Based in the heart of the New Forest gaining inspiration from my surroundings I love nothing more than being locked away in the studio with my paints, music and my loyal companions Lumi and Juno (the dogs).